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Post  SirDugan on Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:13 am

Removes most spell effects (their graphics) from the game by inserting empty spell script files in the directory that corresponds to the file structure in the .fdb files. The game looks for these files before loading the file from the .fdb, so an empty file will effectively remove the spell effect.

If there's a spell effect that you want back, simply find the corresponding files in this pack and delete it.

Currently tested with instances: OH, Origin, HoS.
Currently tested with classes: Rogue

Unzip to your RoM installation folder. This "mod" does not replace any files whatsoever.
Download Links:

[url= ] ?ywz2wzotzji [/url]" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> ?ywz2wzotzji[/url]
v1.02 ?whegjvwy2tt


-Geba's whirlwind effects are now in place
-In this version, I have removed a large portion of the empty script files in order to get some of the helpful and non-laggy spell effects back, like knights holy shield thingie and some of the buffs that can be triggered in combat (as the names do not match the in-game names, I can only hope I removed the right files). In case you notice that a laggy effect have been restored, please let me know.
-Cure arrow fixed.
-Lasso, Freeze & Static Field effects should now be present.
-Transport portal should now be visible.
TS Targeting model fixed, TS can now be targeted again Razz
Other Info:
Currently a Beta version. Please report any misbehaviour in this thread: a spell effect that should not be removed or a crucial model missing or if you crash.
Known Issues:
The scripts hold audio-visual effects for the skills, thus sounds for the skills will also be removed. This cannot be helped.

Cure shot not firing, same as TS was, fixing in v1.02, uploading after being tested.

Jiasha lazers not showing up, small whirlwinds at geba not showing up, flames at andriol not showing up. Fixing these when I find the correct files for them.

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