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Post  Thinlizzy on Mon May 17, 2010 6:38 am

--Effective as of May 17, 2010

In the interest of minimizing arguments, pointless debate and making runs smoother the Council have revised the previous AFC guild rules.

We are a larger guild now and must accommodate members in a manner that is fairest to all. Bear in mind, no rules are 100% perfect.

These are reasonable expectations, however.

---AFC Membership Rules---

  • Members are expected to understand their class role in raids and 6 person group play.
  • AFC can not and will not fix class imbalances within the game. It is the responsibility of players to understand their class, it's role and adjust accordingly.
  • Members are equal in play always. No exceptions
  • Members will show respect for every other member and all players of RoM.
  • Disputes between members will be arbitrated privately by leaders and upon that resolution will be completely over. Members will not dispute using public forms of chat to include guild and party chats. Debates do not apply.
  • Rage quitting an instance is a serious offense and will be treated as such. Any member making a habit of rage quitting should not expect to remain in this guild.
  • New members must be sponsored by an existing member in order to join.

---Looting Rules at Angry For Coinz---

1) Need to wear, Greed for stat, Pass in all other cases. Announce your class rolling intentions before the run.

2) Wait for primary rollers to make their roll before you greed on a mod as a secondary roller.

3) Regardless of your roll, need or greed, if you win something you are obliged to pass till all of that class present has had a chance to win something for their rolling class. If you need a high dura piece, you are expected to wear the piece. Selling a high dura piece you needed is a serious offense.

4) Do not roll on more than 1 piece per boss drop simultaneously. Chose which one of the mods or equips you want & roll accordingly. If you lose a roll on one and the second item is open to your class you may then roll on that accordingly.

5) There will be no loot debate on runs. Take it up with a council member after the run.

6) Educate yourself on the finer points on our forums.

Any exceptions or concerns with these rules will be decided by Council and justly explained. Not debated.

Furthermore, those confused about their rolling rights can refer to our breakdown of loot distribution: or

Each class type is given a equal number of mods they have the luxury of rolling on. There are no glaring imbalances. This is not opinion, this is statistical fact.

---AFC Raid Rules---

1) Vent is a must for Normal runs and certain bosses. If you do not have a mic, you need to listen. Figure it out.

2) Make sure you are keyed before typing !inv for a raid. Figure it out.

3) If you can't commit to a lengthy run, let the raid know beforehand. Figure it out.

4) Only the most senior member(s) in a run will loot bosses. Barring this, raid leader will loot.

Please be aware these are AFC guild raid rules. Take the time to educate yourself on our Alliance rules, although they are similar there are some differences.

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