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Adjusted Guild Ranks Empty Adjusted Guild Ranks

Post  Thinlizzy on Sat Jul 03, 2010 7:14 am

Members inactive for a min of 30 days below the rank of Senior will be dismissed.

Concerning Ranks:

Council - Ruling players of the guild
Alt++ - Council alts
Elder - Distinguished players
Senior Members - Very active or long time players
Alt+ - Alts of Elder and Senior players
Full Member - Somewhat active players
New Member - New or trial players
Failmama - Casual player or Jomama

Concerning Alts:

- Council are allowed an unlimited number of alts.
- Senior and Elder are allowed 2 alts.
- Full members are allowed 1 alt.

If an alt below the rank of Alt++ is inactive for a period of 15 days, that alt will be dismissed.

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