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Hello and welcome! Empty Hello and welcome!

Post  Belli on Fri Jan 08, 2010 1:15 pm

We are working hard at getting things set up here at AFC and hope everyone can make themselves comfortable during this difficult transition process. To that end, we would like to provide everyone with access to vent and these forums in order to give us feedback on how you'd like to see things functioning.

It is my intention to make a return to how things were running over at Medieval prior to the DP merge. I'd personally like to see us once again operating as an open and fun-loving guild that does runs together, chats on vent, and plays with allies in the ally channel. To this end I plan to work hard to make a good home for all of us and provide us with all the infrastructure we need to make this all work.

Rebuilding everything we need is not going to be an easy task. There will be many difficulties we will face, but it is my sincere hope we will face them as a guild and persevere. I know that if we truly wish to remain together as friends, we can make this work given the necessary patience, dedication and time.

I hope you all are with me.


p.s. Vent info:

server: fluorine.typefrag.com
port: 15086
Passwd: koinee


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