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Rolling Guidelines and Etiquette Empty Rolling Guidelines and Etiquette

Post  Belli on Sun Apr 25, 2010 5:55 pm

You should be advised that rolling in a way that is far off from this chart may upset your party so please ask them first.

Also note that this is a work in progress and may change over time. This is also somewhat generalized according to primary class; there are some class combinations not exactly covered by the generalized approach we took here.

Please take this information and use it for what it is, a tool to help you better stat out your class using mods targeted at maximizing your class potential. Please note that when you roll on something in a party, you should ask first if you aren't sure if it would be an appropriate mod for you.

The running chart is located here:

Other guidelines of note, some basic rolling etiquette:

  • if you have already won something nice on a run, please consider passing on the next roll you are eligible for to share the wealth a bit
  • if you have many of a certain stat sitting in your bank, consider passing to allow someone else access to a stat they might need
  • if 2 items drop from the same boss and you are interested in both, please wait until you've lost 1 roll before you roll on the other

Additionally, please note: We will be passing on dirty T4s in run (meant for weapon tiering) and greeding on clean T4 boss drops (meant for clean tiering armor).

If you are unsure how attributes affect your particular class, please start by reading this:


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Rolling Guidelines and Etiquette Empty Re: Rolling Guidelines and Etiquette

Post  Thinlizzy on Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:59 pm

As an addendum to the Mods spread sheet we have further broken down rolling rights by named stat per primary class.

KnightWarrior Warden Rogue ScoutMage Priest Druid
Suppression Suppression Suppression Fright Fright Inquisition Repentance Repentance
Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard
Armor Armor Armor Armor Armor Armor Armor Armor
Pioneer Ravage Ravage Ravage Eruption GulpGulp Gulp
Eruption Speculation Speculation Redemption Ravage Mage Trial Trial
Ravage SurrenderVengeance Bite Redemption Break RedemptionRedemption
Speculation Mud SurrenderGlint Bite Assault Mirage Mirage
Vengeance Glory Mud SlaughterGlint VengeanceDedication Dedication
Inhibition Inhibition Glory SpeculationSlaughter Trial Return Return
Razor Razor InhibitionCruel Speculation Excellence ProphetProphet
Specter Razor Inhibition Cruel Whip Aureola Aureola
Haze Inhibition Constraint
Razor Blaze

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